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Trunnion Stand 06530

06530 Trunnion Stand - The “Trapezoidal Bronze” Gaumer Industries Trunnion Stand

$2,950.00 Plus Freight (Call for Freight Quote)

Manufactured in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Category: P/N: 06530 A direct replacement for Mack Part numbers: 97QL585, 97QL5122P2, 97QL5122, 97QL555AP4Other part names: Trunnion Tower, Trunnion Stanchion, Mack Replacement Trunnion Stand, Aftermarket Mack Trunnion Stand, Eagle, Trunnion Stand Assembly
  • Trunnion Stand 06530 – 8 Hole Trapezoidal Bolt Pattern & Bronze application
    • Bronze applications are greaseable and have a grease fitting/zerk on the trunnion cap. They also have six evenly spaced hex head cap screws around the trunnion cap.
  • Compatible with 38K, 44K, & 48K Mack camelback suspensions as well as Mack walking beam suspensions
  • Comes standard to accomodate a 32-¼” inside-to-inside frame-rail width for Mack camelback and Mack walking beam applications.
    • We offer shim plates to accommodate wider frames should you need them
  • Includes 3-½” trunnion shaft (06340) and all mounting hardware
  • IMPORTANT: Mounting frame rail holes MUST be enlarged to 1-1/16” to accommodate our heavy duty 1” adaptor bolts. We offer 1-1/16” frame reamers (998-5023) for this purpose.

Special Design Features:

  • Can be installed without disassembling the chassis, body components, air/hydraulic lines, or wire harnesses
  • Comes complete with trunnion shaft & mounting hardware